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Copper Crow Design & Consulting - more than design and development services

Copper Crow Design & Consulting was established in late 1999 by Randall S. Crumrine in order to fulfill a vision of providing professional internet consulting, design, programming, and development services to businesses.

Our business model allows us to focus on the specific needs of organizations that require expert decision making and execution of their Internet related ventures. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes and understand that each organizations' challenges are unique.

The Copper Crow business model was developed from experience and direct involvement in the evolution of the Internet and World Wide Web over the last 15 years. We recognize the dynamic nature of this environment and understand how to determine the most effective course of action to allow our clients' ventures to succeed.

Beyond the technical expertise we bring to bear, all of our clients also benefit from the business consulting and project management expertise that we provide in order to ensure an effective and purposeful end-product.

Our structure allows us to utilize the expertise of a very wide range of personnel that include Consultants, Project Managers, Writers, SEO Specialist, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Systems Administrators, and Security Experts allowing us to deliver customized solutions - designed specifically around the exact requirements of each of our clients.

We frequently work with, coordinate, and manage efforts envolving traditional Advertising and Design Agencies, Corporate IT and Communications Departments, Fulfillment Companies and 3rd party vendors, Internet Service Providers, and all types of support personnel, to ensure consistency of purpose and message in the development process.

About the Founder

A computer user and technologist since the early 1980's, the firm's founder, Randall S. Crumrine, was orignally trained in graphic design, digital arts, pre-press, and traditional and digital output in the years before the advent of the world wide web.

Mr. Crumrine began his professional involvement in website development in 1995 and co-founded Matrix Media, a website development and 3D animation production company in 1996. Matrix Media expanded and ultimately evolved into Mirisis, LLC, an electronic media production group based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Crumrine was retained as a primary partner in Mirisis, LLC until leaving the organization at the end of 1999, at which time he established Copper Crow Design & Consulting.

Mr. Crumrine currently acts as President and Director of Operations for Copper Crow Design & Consulting and remains involved with all daily operations.

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